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BLOOM COLLECTION - Affirmation Cards for Pregnancy, Birth & Motherhood

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| The Bloom Collection | 

The Bloom Collection is a selection of gentle reminders intended to support you during pregnancy, birth and beyond.

Includes 20 double sided cards that will encourage you to shift perspective, and to focus on self-love, compassion and gratitude in the moments that you need it the most.

While there are some cards that are specific to pregnancy and birth, they have been designed for use throughout all stages of your parenthood journey.

I want you to celebrate the highs and embrace the lows, because they are the moments in time that will help to shape you. Parenthood can at times feel lonely, vulnerable, relentless and overwhelming. On the other hand, it can also be rewarding, humbling, empowering, fascinating & joyful. My hope while using these cards, is that you find inspiration and courage, whilst embracing the ebb and flow of motherhood.

Moonstone : Helps to stabilize emotions and reduce stress. Associated with the sacral chakra, it's ideal for mums & mums to be to reconnect to their feminine natures. Moonstone helps to enhance intuition, creativity & empathy.

Rose Quartz : Teaches you how to love and accept yourself, forgiving the past and opening your heart. Rose Quartz is a nurturing crystal that also helps to heal hurt emotions and gently reinstates calmness and clarity into your life.

The Bloom Collection is packaged in a luxe black velvet bag. You can also select to include our new soft touch velvet printed boxes. The back of the box shows examples of the cards and some product information which makes it ideal for gifting. P.S. These would make the perfect present for a baby shower or new mumma!

Includes 20 double sided cards, Rose Quartz chip bracelet & Moonstone tumble.