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100% Natural Beard Balm

Specifically designed to help style, protect and condition your beard throughout the day, our Beard Balm pushes the boundaries of beard grooming. With a unique blend of 11 base & essential oils and our trade-mark non-greasy formula these grooming products are truly the finest on the market and will keep you looking sharp and dapper all day long. With the subtle scent of Grapefruit and the tiniest hint of Madagascan Clove, your beard won’t just look and feel great, but the subtle scents will make sure you smell fresh for whatever your day throws your way. Handcrafted in our factory in Brisbane, Australia and individually poured from exclusive batches. Our beard balm is created with the finest grade oils, beeswax and butters in the world.

Beard Balm Benefits

  • Protects your beard from all the elements and prevents beard dandruff.
  • Conditions your beard, softening the hair follicles throughout the day locking in the moisture after the application of our Original Beard Oil.
  • Style - a strong holding wax for your beard to keep it in order and looking sharp.
  • Intoxicating subtle cold pressed lime and madagascan clove scent.
  • The Bearded Chap trademark non-greasy formula.
  • Made from Natural Ingredients

How to use our Beard Balm

Work a small amount of Original Beard Balm into your hands and apply to beard. Comb with beard brush or style as desired.

Product specs

Scent: Cold Pressed Lime & Madagascan clove.

Product Type: Beard Balm
Size: 100g


Cosmetics grade bees wax, *Hempseed oil, *Argan oil, Extra Virgin Coconut oil, Jojoba oil, Rosehip oil, Cocoa butter, Almond sweet oil, Shea butter, premium lanolin, Grapefruit oil, Madagascar clove bud oil



What do Beard balms do?
Beard balms do a lot of good things for your beard. Beard balms coat the beard and help you to style effectively, as they make beard hair easier to control. But beard balms also provide protection from the elements, helping you to care for your facial hair's health.

Should I use Beard Oil and beard balm?
Yes, ideally you should use both beard oil and beard balm. The reason is simple: they both offer something slightly different. Beard oil is great to hydrate your beard and skin. Balm helps to style with a matte finish while also protecting your beard daily from harsh elements. In combination, they help protect and nourish your beard.

How often should I use beard balm?
How often you should use beard balm depends on you and your facial hair. Some people find it best to apply multiple times in a day, whereas others only use every two to three days or when they need to style.

Does beard balm help beard grow?
Beard balm does help you to grow a beard, as it helps relieve the itching. Combined with beard oil during your shaving routine, it could be the thing that makes all the difference in helping you see your beard growth through to a full beard.

Are Beard products worth it?
Yes, beard products like beard oil and balm are worth it. If you want a soft, manageable beard then your beard oils and balm are essential. Finding the right beard oils and balm can make the difference between a shaggy unkempt beard, and a beard that makes you proud.

When should I start using Beard balm?
When you should start using beard balm depends on you and your beard hairs. Many people find balm helps with the itchiness when growing a beard, in which case you should start right away. Many people only use balm once the beard is fully grown, for styling and to keep it healthy.

What's the best beard balm?
Here’s some things to look out for. The best beard balm should:

- Keep your beard nourished.
- Ensure your beard is moisturized.
- Prevent itching.
- Keep your beard soft.
- Allows you to style your beard.
- Protect your beard from the elements.
- Be made of 100% natural ingredients.

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