Hi, My name is Meisha and this is my husband, Hermy and daughter Aliah. We live in Port Hedland, Western Australia. 

I started Amira & Co after having my daughter and going through the pregnancy and postpartum journey. Being a mum has taught me to appreciate and love my body in a whole new way. How i choose to look at & feel about myself will have a huge impact on the way Aliah thinks and feels about herself in the years to come. 

Living in a world that is forever changing it is tough to think about what my daughters little future might look like...

I'm trying hard to teach her she is BEAUTIFUL in every way, which can be hard with the added pressures of social media and the digital technology of today. I want her to have a healthy, life long love for herself and to know she doesn't need society's approval of being a certain shape or size just to fit in. 

I want her to grow up being proud of the person she is, be who she wants to be and love her body just the way it is. 

Our aim at Amira & Co is to stock items that act as gentle reminders for both Mumma's and their little ones; that although we might come in different shapes, colours and or sizes we are all equally as beautiful and unique! 

So from this Mumma and small business owner, I THANKYOU for supporting us x