Our pre-loved section on our website is for the sale of pre-loved goods only i.e (Prams, Bassinets, Breast Pumps etc). Amira & Co only lists them for the seller similar to "Marketplace" and takes no responsibility in anyway for the products. The Seller will provide Amira & Co the details, photos and price of the product and we will list this on our website. Seller to provide bank details for Amira & Co pay into once product is sold. No refunds. 


The Seller will be advised when the product has been brought via our website and contact for Amira & Co to collect and deliver to the buyer. Should the product be purchased outside of Port Hedland the buyer is required to pay for the postage. 


We are charged a transaction fee through Shopify for all sales. Amira & Co will charge the seller a fee if $10.00 to cover transaction fees, collection and delivery of the product. This fee will be removed from the total amount once the product is sold. For example - Pram sold for $100.00, Amira takes $10.00, seller receives $90.00. This will be provided via bank transfer.


  1. The purchaser understands that all goods supplied by the company are second hand unless specified by contract as new. 
  2. The purchaser purchases any such second hand product relying on its own inspection as to the quality of the product, and as to the existence or otherwise of any fault.
  3. Amira & Co are not responsible in any way for second hand goods sold by them, and, in particular, are not responsible for any faults or defects in any second hand goods purchased from the Company.
  4. The purchaser understands and accepts that no warranty applies to second hand goods unless specified by the Company.
  5. The purchaser understands that the responsibility is theirs with respect to the safe use of second hand goods and to ensure all safety devices are installed and checked by a competent authority before they are used.
  6. The purchaser understands when no safety devices are installed on second hand goods, it is their responsibility to make all necessary enquiries and as to whether such devices are needed and if needed, have installed in compliance with all standards of safety and ensuring the safety standards comply with the relevant occupational health and safety requirements.
  7. If the purchaser sells the second hand goods purchased, they will advise the new purchaser that no warranty applies to such goods. 
  8. Amira & Co shall not be liable for any defects, malfunctions, claims for loss, damage or injury of any kind whatsoever, whether to the purchaser or to any party purchasing such goods from the purchaser.