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TENS MACHINE HIRE - Port/South Hedland

TENS MACHINE HIRE - Port/South Hedland

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The original and award-winning TENS machine for labour. The Elle TENS is a portable, easy-to use and highly effective device designed to help relieve pain during labour while allowing mum to stay mobile.

Elle TENS Plus is a Transcutaneous Electric Nerve Stimulation (TENS) device designed for labour, providing drug-free pain relief to support a natural birth. 

BOOKING KEY - Green - Unavailable - Purple - Available 


Hire of our TENS machine is dependent on you agreeing to our terms and returning our contract agreement signed within 24 hrs of making your booking for your hire to be confirmed. This contract 

Terms & Conditions can be previewed before purchased here

Our TENS hire options are 6 or 8 weeks. We recommend you commence your hire start date when you are roughly 36/37 weeks – to allow plenty of time for bubs arrival.


  • Elle TENS Plus Labour TENS device.
  • Pack of 4 self-adhesive maternity rectangle electrodes (40mm x 100mm).
  • 2 x lead wires
  • 2 x AA batteries and 2 spare
  • Carrying pouch
  • Easy-release neck cord
  • Instruction manual - Electronic 
  • Quick start guide
  • Delivery & Collection

A TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) machine works by delivering low-frequency electrical pulses to the nerves through electrodes placed on the skin. This pulse overloads your nervous system. As your body can only focus on so much information at a time, it prioritises the TENS pulse (nerve activity) over pain signals, meaning that fewer pain signals make it to your brain and spinal cord, so you feel less pain. This is a part of ‘The Gate Control Theory of Pain’.

At the same time the body will release natural pain relieving endorphins.

Benefits of the Elle Labour TENS.

  • Reduces the pain you feel in labour
  • Promotes your body’s natural pain relieving hormones (endorphins)
  • Helps you to feel in control of your labour and your pain
  • Has the all-important boost button to get you through each and every Contraction

An Elle Tens Plus is an easy to use, gentle way to relieve the pain of contractions during labour but it can also be used;

  • For afterbirth pains, especially during breastfeeding when afterbirth pains can intensify
  • To cope naturally with pain associated with healing and recovering such as c-section incisions or perineum recovery

TENS is the most effective pain relief you can use at home, and provides completely drug-free, natural relief from pain.

All settings are pre-set, allowing mums to feel comfortable, empowered and in control during their labour. The unique integrated boost button will be your best friend during labour, with the press of the button, extra surge of pulses amplifies your body’s natural pain blocking ability to get you through each contraction comfortably.  

The built in contraction timer makes it so easy to keep track of contractions for you, your birthing partner and your midwife/doula. 

Our exclusive Opti-Max technology is what sets the Elle TENS range apart from other maternity TENS in the market. It gives you an extra reserve of power for when you really need it, especially in the final stages of labour.

Our award winning Elle TENS range puts you in control, allowing you to manage your labour pain and stay at home for longer during the early stages of your labour. Mums who are planning a home birth – this is also for you, use it all the way through your labour along with your other labour tools.

Features of the Elle TENS

  • Burst Mode 1 - usually used in early stages of labour, generally you will stay on this mode for quite a while until you feel you need something stronger.
  • Burst Mode 2 - usually used when your labour advances and your contractions become more frequent and you need that extra from your labour TENS to get you through. It gives you the extra surge of power and intensity for the final stage.
  • Boost 1 & 2 pressing this magical button is what will pop your Elle TENS straight into an extra surge of power for your contraction. With the Elle TENS 2 & Elle TENS Plus it will also start your contraction timer, once your contraction is over just press the boost button again. Get your birthing partner involved and they can help you manage the boost button during your contractions.
  • Opti Max key provides extra versatility. Increasing or decreasing the Opti-Max Key will allow you to either heighten or lessen the level of pulse power. This is extremely useful for the final stages of labour when you need an extra surge of power. There are 5 Opti-Max levels: 50, 100, 150, 200 and 250s (microseconds). It will start in the middle range at 150 but feel free to adjust what is comfortable for you.
  • Contraction Timer - When experiencing a contraction, simply press the Boost Button once and release. This is the big button located at the top right of the Elle TENS unit. It gives you an extra surge of power you will need for your contractions and gives you control.



Can I use an Elle TENS during labour?
- Yes! Our award winning Elle TENS is a great addition to your birthing kit. It can be used from early labour at home, or all the way through until birth. It also allows you to stay home from the hospital for longer or support you during your home birth.

Can an Elle TENS be used during pregnancy, prior to going into labour?
- In certain circumstances a TENS machine can be used during pregnancy for pain relief, but it is important to consult with a healthcare provider first and only under their supervision as they are familiar with your pregnancy.

When should I start using my Elle TENS during labour?
- As soon as contractions start, it’s time to pop your Elle TENS on so you can start to build endorphins. Our built-in contraction timer can help you also to keep track of your contractions as your labour progresses.

Can I use my Elle TENS during a water birth or shower?
- The Elle TENS should not be used in the shower or bath. When mixing up your labour techniques and having a shower for example, remember to pop the electrodes/pads back on the paper they came on so they are ready to use again. It can be helpful to cycle through your labour tools but our mums tell us they want to pop the Elle TENS back on again straight after a shower or bath.

How do I use my Elle TENS during labour?
- It is best to test your tens before your labour begins, so that you know where to correctly place the electrode pads and familiarise yourself with how it works. Once your electrodes are in the correct place, turn the machine on, starting with the lowest settings and gradually turn up each side. Remember the boost button is your best friend during labour as contractions get stronger you may not need to use it initially.

Can I use my Elle TENS in conjunction with other pain relief options during labour?
- Of course! Your Elle TENS can be used on its own all the way until you give birth, or with other forms of pain relief as needed.

Are there any side effects associated with using a TENS machine during labour?
- There are no known side effects associated with using a TENS machine during labour, it is a safe drug free pain relief option for you and your baby recommended by medical professionals including midwives, OBs, physios etc

When should I order my Elle TENS for labour?
- We would love you to have your TENS ready to go by 34-36 weeks. This gives you peace of mind that you have your labour tool kit ready to go for when your baby decides it’s time!

Should I test my Elle TENS before labour?
- We definitely recommend this! You can test your TENS by placing the electrodes on your arm and turning it to a low setting. You can also ask your birth partner to learn where to put the electrodes on your back. This will help you get a sense of how the machine feels or troubleshoot any issues that may arise. PS make sure to pop the electrodes back on the paper they came on when not in use so they are in top condition for when you need them again.

Can my Elle TENS be used for a Posterior labour?
- Of course, sometimes baby can be in a position which is not the most comfortable for you. The Elle TENS is there to help you and will provide that much needed pain relief.

Can my Elle TENS be used for all stages of labour?
- Yes, your Elle TENS machine can be used during all stages of labour, from early labour right through to birth. Remember that Elle TENS Opti-max key we mentioned before? This will allow you to increase intensity of the pulses as you progress through the different stages of labour putting you in control of your pain.

Can you move around while using my Elle TENS during labour?
- Most definitely. Your Elle TENS comes with a neck strap to enable you to move around and change positions as you need.

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